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Corruption Golem (WIP) by Sartanis
Corruption Golem (WIP)
The shock-troops of the Red Legion and the bane of mortal and Eldarin settlements alike, the Corruption Golems are malice incarnate -- manifestations of Meraxus' rage and thirst for vengeance upon the Cosmos. Sheer brute force is their tool of choice, whether by flame or fist, and they can adapt their rocky forms easily to any task the Lord of Ash and Fire sets before them.

Sneak peak of an enemy type for my upcoming project, code-named Luceum. All of the references made here will be explained at a later date, but for now, let them serve to build hype. :D 
Rift Pulse Generator

Physical Description:

The Rift Pulse Generator is not visible from the interior of the ship; rather, it is an extension off of the Rift Drive Core of flagships capable of carrying the weapon.

What exactly does it do:

The Rift Pulse Generator uses a Krovaedian flagship's drive core to open up an intentionally unstable tear into Rift Space that then quickly collapses, unleashing a devastating, spherical blast of the energy native to that pocket dimension. Krovaedian ships are naturally shielded from this blast as a prerequisite for their FTL systems to work, but other ships caught in the blast experience widespread system shutdown, similar in effect to being hit with an EMP blast, which will shut down a small fleet of enemy ships for a limited period of time.

Physical Capabilities:

The Rift Pulse Generator is always attached to a flagship-class vessel, typically super-dreadnoughts or things of comparable size, and thus have no inherent capabilities of their own, and instead act to augment the capabilities of those ships bearing them and, by extension, the Krovaedian fleet. Theoretically, it has an infinite range as the energy emitted, like all energy, can travel easily through the vacuum of space, but the energy is dispersed as it interacts with more and more objects; therefore, its range limitation is not to be measured in range, but in vessels affected.


The Rift Pulse Generator is only useful as a defensive weapon, because its use prevents Krovaedian ships from engaging any of their weapons systems, lest they compromise the shielding around their own systems and thus fall prey to their own device. Therefore, it is largely used as an emergency measure to allow a suddenly outnumbered or outmaneuvered Krovaedian fleet to regroup, reinforce, or retreat. The effect is temporary, and is useful for providing a window for the fleet to escape a bad situation, but beyond that its uses are limited.

How many Slots do YOU think it takes up?: 1
Yeah, so I'm not quite dead, just busy with exams. 'Tis the season and all that.

Anyways, now that summer's rolling around, so too will the conventions. I'm really excited to hone my skill in cosplaying, which I've dabbled a bit with and discovered its friggin' addicting. 

So, because of this, and the fact that I'm incapable of making decisions, what should I do? Vote with a comment below!

Archon Cycle Characters

* Malkharus (huehuehue )
* Aidan
* Lucian 

Pokemon Gijinkas  

* Arcanine
* Rayquaza
* Kyurem

Star Wars

* Darth Nihilus
* Darth Revan
* Darth Archonus (my SWTOR character) 

Disney / Marvel

* Male Maleficent (redux) 
* Loki (full armor)
* Magneto

Magic: The Gathering

* Humanized Nicol Bolas / Ugin
* Jace Beleren
* Sorin Markov
* Male!Chandra Nalaar ( because the hair, but it's a long shot)

Any other ideas? I'm a tall, dashingly handsome red-headed guy, so anything along those lines ( except Peter Pan )...well, I'm open to suggestions.


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