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I've feel like I've been here a couple of times dancing around the subject, but I really need some advice.

See,throughout my life I've always  been doodling monsters and alien races and all kinds of crazy things to put into stories, and if they didn't fit in a story, I just made one up.

Nowadays, though, I just don't get enough joy out of creating. I've lost interest in all of my stories; I have a massive webcomic that I was so stoked about, but now I just couldn't care less. The desire to draw is gone, there aren't any more crazy aliens trying to burst out on the paper or dragons demanding to be sketched. 

Is it just a self-confidence thing? Every time I do have an idea, the drawing either looks really, really bad or the idea seems like something generic that you could find anywhere. I'm really beginning to worry that I'm about to lose interest in one of the few things I'm 'good' at and the thing I wanted to do for a living since I was in first grade. 

I'm really worried. I used to love to draw; it was my favorite thing. Now, though, I just resent everything I draw and don't get any satisfaction out of it. What should I do? How can I fix this? Am I trying to hard?

Any advice you may have is appreciated.


* Particle Beam Cannons -- Fires particle beams at the speed of light that disrupt matter upon contact. Largely effective against ship hulls, but less effective against energy shielding due to the dispersal of the beam's energy upon contact with the shields.

* Plasma Cannons -- Fires a khrysa projectile enveloped in super-heated plasma held in place by the crystaline material's natural electromagnetic field. Moderately effective on both shields and on hulls due to the energy impact of the plasma and physical impact of the khrysa shell.

* Energy Projector (Capital Weapon) -- Fires an extremely powerful beam of crackling energy in a straight line. Devastating effects, but relatively long recharge time on all but the largest ships. Most often mounted forward-facing on the prow, but can also be mounted elsewhere depending on the class of the ship.


* Crystal-Alloy Armoring -- Comprised of compressed khrysa crystals and Antherium alloys, which produces a very, very durable hull that is difficult to pierce and somewhat resistant to energy weapons due to the inherent electromagnetic fields of the crystaline component.

* Plasma Point-Defense System -- Many, many turrets controlled by a central targeting computer. Meant to shoot down enemy strike craft or destroy incoming projectiles large and slow enough to be fired upon.


* Dual-Layer Shielding -- The first layer is a powerful shield designed to displace energy weapon fire over across its surface, significantly neutralizing the impact (if not blocking it outright). The second layer, located nanometers apart from the first, is comprised of an enigmatic effect known as 'hard energy' or 'hard light' that vaporizes most physical weapon fire upon contact. Both layers can be depleted if fired upon enough.


* Repulsor Engines -- General propulsion system.

* Rift Drive -- FTL Drive; opens a portal into the 'Rift', a parallel pocket dimension wherein time and space are warped and can be traversed in the fraction of the time. Potentially dangerous, however: if the ship cannot realign to the laws of real-space upon exiting the Rift, it will suffer severe structural damage if not outright  destruction.


* Crystal Generator -- Power supply; khrysa crystals are aligned in a manner that focuses ambient energy into a usable form, providing an almost limitless power supply.

* Crystal Foundry -- Self-contained environment wherein khrysa crystals are rapidly grown for power supplies and ammunition use.


Orbital Defenses:

* Drone Hanger Bays -- Capable of holding multiple squadrons of drone fighter-bombers to repel strike craft assaults.

* Particle Beam Cannons

* Rift Gate -- Allows for a very rapid, almost instant jump from a ship's position to the gate's position; can only remain active for so long before Rift Space destabilizes and jump lengths are returned to normal.

Ground Force Weaponry:

* Plasma Rifles -- Operate on the same principles as the larger plasma cannons.

* Wristblades -- Mounted to the wrists of infantry power armor; when activated, they produce a blade of contained plasma approximately a foot in length, though this can be adjusted.

* Energy Blades -- Operates on the same principles as the wristblades; energy swords can only be carried by Paladins or officers, energy pikes are wielded solely by the Vanguard caste.

Ground Force Armor:

Antherium Alloy Power Armor -- Extremely durable, equipped with personal shielding and VI systems to regulate HUD and other functions. If the wearer is dead and there are no Krovaedians or allied personnel / devices nearby, the armor explodes after a delay.

General Use

* Crystal Generator -- Power supply; khrysa crystals are aligned in a manner that focuses ambient energy into a usable form, providing an almost limitless power supply.

* Crystal Foundry -- Self-contained environment wherein khrysa crystals are rapidly grown for power supplies and ammunition use.

* Cloak Generators -- Self explanatory.

* Rift-Space Comms System -- Employs a combination of quantum-entanglement communications as well as miniature Rift Gates to allow for instantaneous transmission of information across cosmic distances.

* Rift Space Mastery -- Can manipulate Rift-space for multiple effects including short-range teleportation, phasing, dimensional storage, and even prolonged stasis in the Rift. Each requires specialized technologies for the task.
Krovaedian wip by Sartanis
Krovaedian wip
A quick sketch of a helmeted soldier to give you guys and idea. 
That's right, ladies, gents, and woodland creatures masquerading as people! After a period of long absence I have returned to le deviantArt! 

I will now issue a blanket apology to everyone I've lost contact with; no, I didn't die, I don't hate you, and I haven't forgotten you. The fact of the matter is that a perfect storm of broken computers, family issues, work, school, and all sorts of equally bad things prevented me from being able to speak with you all. I realize I've probably been dropped kicked from several RP groups in the process, but no matter; it'll all come out in the wash.

BUT I'M BACK BABY! :iconyeahplz:


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