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* Name: Liam Faolan

* Age: 18

*Gender: Male

* Race: Pureblood Lycan

* Racial Abilities: Able to assume the shape of an enormous wolf or full-blown Lycan (as in, wolf-man) at will; superior senses, speed, strength, and durability in human form.

* Occupation: College Student, Athlete, Manager of the local comic book store.  

* Faceclaim or Description: Tall and athletically built. His hair is wavy and a very faintly reddish brown in color, and his eyes are likewise brown. The edges of his face are somewhat rounded, and his eyes are wide with eyebrows almost always pulled into an excited and attentive position, contributing to his amiable and somewhat youthful appearance. Most notably, however, are his wolf ears and tail -- both the same color as the hair on his head -- which are purposeful slips in his form that he allows because he likes the way it makes him look. His ears replace his human ears, but are located slightly further up on his head ( his hair is grown out to cover that awkward space), and are very mobile emotive.

In lycan form, Liam retains his tawny coloring, although his eyes are more yellow than in his human form. His coat is rather fluffy, and his arms and legs are long and lean, perfect for running and jumping. Rather than looking like some kind of horrible abomination, Liam and others of his pack have a more noble appearance, looking more like a wolf with humanoid torso anatomy than some grotesque hybrid that most people think of. In this form his is exceedingly expressive.

In simple wolf form, Liam's coloring remains the same, and beyond extreme size and clearly intelligent expressions he resembles nothing more than a brown wolf.

* Personality: Liam is like the living subversion of werewolf stereotypes -- whereas most people have in mind and image of a gruff, unapproachable, often violent individual when they think of males of the species, Liam is friendly, amiable, and openly affectionate. More like a giant golden retriever than a ravenous wolf-beast, Liam is a people-pleaser and loves attention, and has a habit of going out of his way to  cheer up his friends or even absolute strangers. He is fiercely loyal, and not very forgiving of people who harm him or those he cares about. Tends to form very close bonds with people, and can at times assume a sort of guardianship role over them in his mind.

* Likes:

+ Social Gatherings
+ Physical contact in general ( people playing with his ears, ruffling his hair, stroking his fur while in wolf form, etc.)
+ Running
+ Wrestling and rough-housing
+ Jokes, including terrible puns
+ Games
+ Attention
+ Flirting

* Dislikes:

- Being Alone
- Being Confined
- Being Ignored
- His friends being upset
- Difficult choices

* Backstory: Not much to say, really. He was born into one of the more domestic packs of New Haven -- a pack that has adapted to operate within the urban environment and, rather than being violent or gang-like, is more like an extended family that roams the game preserves for fun rather than necessity. His mother works as a conservationist, and his dad is member of the Silverclaws, an all-lycan division of the New Haven Police Force, making him a source of great pride for Liam.

* Fun Facts:

* While he may appear like a dumb jock, Liam is not only inquisitive, but also an enormous dork, which is why he makes so many obscure comic book or movie references and wears t-shirts with them as well.

* Very ticklish, but enjoys the sensation.

* Has absolutely no regard for personal space whatsoever -- he is known to hug without warning, sprawl out on top of people on the couch, throw his arms around people's shoulders, or even curl up next to them in wolf form and fall asleep under their arm. Likewise, he has no problem with people doing the same, and maintains no 'bubble' around himself. Given the communal nature of wolves, this is understandable.

* Enjoys flirting -- not because he is invested in a long-term relationship, but because he enjoys giving and receiving attention and affection.

* Takes full advantage of his appearance, either through using his looks to charm people or employing the most devastating puppy-dog face the world has ever seen in order to get his way.
New Haven -- Liam Faolan
Another character for New-Haven. Basically, he's a werewolf with the personality of a cuddly golden retriever puppy. 
Meet Cael! by Sartanis
Meet Cael!
(( Please ignore the horrific first attempt to color people in Photoshop -- I'm learning! )

Meet Cael Overton, my most beloved OC and the latest development of my first one, who you may remember as Michael, and protagonist to The Academy comic's spiritual successor. Cael is a generally good-natured surfer that's not really sure what all he wants out of life. He lives in a large, almost mansion-like house on the beaches of New Mara City (more on that later), but does not it get to his head -- Cael is in fact one of the most humble, amiable, and genuine people you could meet. 

Through circumstances I can't reveal as of yet, Cael and many others across the world of Gaea acquire extremely potent abilities -- in Cael's case, the ability to control the sky and water that he loves so much. Cael can summon storms, fly, conjure waves, and much, much more as a result of his transformation, but it comes at a cost -- the presence of such powerful individuals, and the circumstances of their condition, have caught the attention of an ancient destroyer whose name is feared throughout the cosmos -- Meraxus, the Lord of Ash and Fire. 
* Name: Rosalinda, "Granny Rose" , "Grandma"  

* Age: Unknown, appears elderly

*Gender: Female

* Race: Unknown

* Racial Abilities: Unknown; has been seen performing remarkably powerful magic almost effortlessly, multiple instances of what appear to be clairvoyant abilities.

* Occupation: Resident crazy lady; owns and operates " Grandma Rose's House of Antiquities, Oddities, and Subtleties".

* Faceclaim or Description: Imagine the sweetest, most innocent looking old lady with frizzy white hair, enormous glasses, and eyes so squinty they almost disappear -- that would be Grandma Rose. She is the quintessential lil' old lady, though with a slightly manic eccentric appearance brought on by the garish clashing pastel colors and erratically patterned knitted items she wears. She is always seen bent over a wooden cane, which reinforces her already diminutive appearance.

* Personality ( BE DETAILED ): Simply put, she is mad. Sweet, but mad. She insists that everyone calls her 'Grandma' or 'Granny' and treats everyone like they are her child or grandchild. She always has a sort of wistful smile on her face, and while she usually doesn't seem 'all there', she is prone to sudden bursts of brilliance, intuition, and wisdom that strike without warning and leave just as quickly,leaving those nearby stunned and speechless while she herself does not acknowledge what had just transpired. She always seems to be in her own little world, and nothing ever seems to faze her.

* Likes:

+ Her "grandchildren"
+ Cats
+ Knitting
+ Candy
+ Distributing Candy
+ Feeding the birds
+ Hugs

* Dislikes:

- Bad manners
- Violence
- People who threaten her 'grandchildren'

* Backstory: Absolutely nothing is known about her, save that she's been around for as long as anyone, even the immortals, can remember.

* Fun Facts (this part is NECESSARY and makes for good character development!):

- Believes herself to be everyone's Grandmother, regardless of actual relation, age difference, species difference, etc.

- Is known to give people a good knock on the head with her cane without any change from her ever-present, slightly senile smile.

- Has untold numbers of cats.

- Is known to distribute candy and knitted goods with impunity.

- Seems to turn up whenever something important is going on.

- Strangely, she seems to be respected and even feared by some of the most ancient and powerful inhabitants of the city; Death himself treats her with solemn respect and sometimes deference, and vampires are known to stay well out of her way.
New Haven NPC -- Grandma Rose
You have no choice but to love her. 


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