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I'm trying to get into the habit of sketching people from life to improve my sense of anatomy / light and shadow (because they currently suck). What  ways would you suggest going about it that are achievable for a student (with little time and a tight budget) that are only moderately creepy? 

When I say that, I mean that sitting down in a life drawing class for hours is not an option until perhaps summer.

Any help is appreciated!

Krovaedian Biological Briefing


Basic Overview:

Krovaedians possess vaguely saurian characteristics, resembling in some ways a sapient theropod. They stand on average about eight feet tall on two powerful digitigrade legs with four flexible, talon-tipped toes. Their waists are narrow, and flare out into wide hips and shoulders below and above. They possess two sets of pectoral muscles and large, muscular arms terminating in three fingers and a thumb.

Their heads are the characteristic that is less archetypal of a saurian species. The skull sweeps back in a crest of bone that extends a foot or so behind the individual. From this crest extend multiple tendrils that are often tied off in braids or dreadlocks. Their jaws are powerful, comprised of an upper and lower jaw and two mandibles that fold over them; the evolutionary purpose for these is unknown. Krovaedians posses four eyes: two primary eyes with vertical pupils and a pair of secondary eyes without pupils that see in a different spectrum.  

A Krovaedian's entire body is covered in a thick, leathery skin. Some places, such as the face, crest, and shoulders are supplemented by bony plates as a form of natural armor. Skin tones range from tan to ebony to albino white.

Extra abilities:

Krovaedians possess an extremely potent arsenal of psionic abilities, ranging from telepathy to telekinesis to ESP. These abilities are granted by the Khrysarae material that occurs naturally in their brain and nervous system. This material is exceedingly conductive, to the point that if configured in the correct manner it can literally harness the ambient energy of the cosmos into a usable form. As a result, Krovaedians are able to harness the power of their brains, which are highly complex, and project it into the physical world. Adding to this psionic system  is the tendrils located on their head, which detect microchanges in ambient electrical fields. With enough practice and discipline, a Krovaedian can use this natural system in ways that defy conventional explanations, including the summoning and discharge of massive amounts of energy in a burst comparable to a lightning strike.

Extreme Biological adaptations:

* Tough skin and bony armor (does not offer anywhere near enough protection to forego battle armor)
* Psionic nervous system
* Powerful legs allow for considerable speed and jumping abilities
* Khrysarae-coated nervous system

Extra Organs:

* Psionic tendrils
* Second set of eyes


Krovaedians are intelligent and capable of the same range of compassion and sophistication as other sapient races. However, the demands of their religion spurn them on a warlike path, and they are thus often seen as ruthless, bloodthirsty barbarians. This is an unfair observation, as they are not only bound by a strict honor code when conducting war, but also make very caring and loving spouses and parents.

It has been noted that Krovaedians tend to be xenophobic, or at the very least believe themselves to be above other races. They are prone to extreme self-sufficiency that has often proven to be unwise, such as their routine of denying alliances in favor of subjugation.

Above all, Krovaedians possess a distinct and vehement hatred for humans that has yet to be explained....
Force Declaration of the Krovaedian Empire

Total vessel count :250

Total SM base count: 0

Total Battle station count: 0

Fleet Status:

Fleet 1: Primary Armada Active Status 100%

Super Dreadnought: 2

   Leviathan-Class -- Zhakaraas (CURRENT FLAGSHIP)
   Leviathan Class -- Ahlruundr

Dreadnought: 4

   Tyranus-Class -- Khal'odaan
   Tyranus Class -- Vaethiron

   Invictus Class -- Adya'vozarus

   Invictus Class -- Raalakhast

Battleships: 80

Battle Cruisers: 80

Carriers: 44

Heavy Cruisers: 50

Cruisers: 40

Light Cruisers: 40

Destroyer: 60

Frigates: 50

Escort: 35

Corvettes: 15

300 Non-Military Support Vessels
Krovaedian Force Declaration
You just wait 'til I get my big-boy toys...
Name: The Krovaedian Empire


MAJORITY SPECIES: Krovaedian ( Al'Krova, literally "the People" )

CULTURE:  The Krovaedian Empire is just that: an empire. The government is comprised of three branches: the Faith, the Military, and the Civilian Government. Their emperor, or Is'hadrim has the final say on all decisions, and is the leader of all three branches. Though proud and sophisticated, they appear to others as warlike due to their zealous pursuit of salvation by combat and the elimination of those they deem "Usurpers".

FLAG: with link

MOTTO: Israh'ahn Votaelim ("Our Virtue Shall Prevail")

ANTHEM: Zul Votan ("To Glory")

CAPITAL: Zeraathus (Formerly Malachar V)


* Aezaruun
* Ohnar
* Indrassa
* Uundralos


OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Krov'sinrah ( "The People's Language" )  


GOVERNMENT TYPE: Pseudo-democracy overseen by an autocratic emperor.

Main rulers and people of power:

* Emperor Sartanis Anthezerahn Is'har-Saemitur, the First of His Name, Chosen of Antheos

* Adraxus Votahnus met-Khandari, Supreme Warlord of the Imperial Military

* Zaeros Anthekhaz met-Uundrasi, High Theocrat of Antheos

* The High Council of Thirteen, comprised of ten civilian Praetors and the aforementioned individuals.

* High Admiral Nerzaal Kraesis met-Iithrandar, supervising authority over Ancerious exploration and conquest.

MILITARY POWER: Massive military power in their home galaxy, but they have yet to establish such a hold in Ancerious, although they were clearly powerful enough to blast a certain insectoid race from the face of existence...


The Krovaedians worship a single entity they call Antheos (the origins of the name are lost to time). The teachings of the faith declare that of all the races Antheos loved the Krovaedians most, and bestowed upon them many gifts, including strong bodies and potent minds wielding vast psionic powers. Antheos taught them to farm and domesticate animals, and granted them the Khrysarae, the crystaline material from which they have based most of their technology. Key to their religion is the idea of salvation through honor, whereby they can gain access to their form of heaven through great feats of battle or service to Antheos. Those who fail to garner enough honor are reincarnated until they can gain entrance into this paradise.

Interestingly, Emperor Sartanis has been heralded as a messianic figure of Krovaedian myth, for -- as is foretold -- he unified the warring clans into one mighty nation and reclaimed the ancestral territories lost in the devastating War of the Twenty-Five....


conversion: For simplicity's sake, 1/1/1

ANY OTHER MAJOR INFO POINTS ABOUT YOUR EMPIRE: The Krovaedian Empire as it stands is actually only a shadow of its former glory; it originally controlled the majority of its home galaxy and some regions beyond that. Legend says that the Ancients of this time dwell, immortal, in Rift Space awaiting the return of one worthy enough to wake them.

Emperor Sartanis intends to fulfill that prophecy.

CLASS SYSTEM: Too complex to go into here. Suffice to say, the castes in Krovaedian society are more associated with profession and rank than wealth, and there is much upward and downward mobility based on merit.

SETTLEMENT OF CITIES: Attending battlecruisers open fire with pin-point particle beam weapons on any present, non-allied settlements. Specialized Chrysalis-Class Carriers then land on the surface and anchor themselves to the ground. Once in place, the dropship splits into component parts that connect themselves to the central hub in configurations depending on the colonizers' needs; essentially, the Chrysalis class is a prefabricated colony that can be almost immediately deployed and expanded upon from there.

Your empires role in your own dimension or galaxy:

Commanding great fear and respect, the Krovaedians are nonetheless hated by most races because of their antagonistic behavior in the War of the Twenty-Five, wherein the Empire took on--single handed-- a coalition of twenty-five races opposed to their assertion of dominance in their home galaxy. The war resulting in the complete annihilation of eighteen of those races, the societal devastation of four, and the crippling of the last three. However, the cost to the Krovaedian empire was massive, and they were forced to retreat into Rift Space until the time came again to recolonize.
Ancerious -- Krovaedian Empire
This is my new Empire for Ancerious. They are the shagnasty BAMF's of their own galaxy; it will be interesting to see how they play out in Ancerious.

A note about Sartanis: His name actually came first, and is where I got my username, not the other way around. In Ancerious rules he would be considered an 'Entity' due to his status as Is'hadrim and consequent possession of the Eokrhys, or the "Crystal Heart". This artifact, said to be forged by Antheos himself, gives its possessor the psionic might of all of the past Is'hadrimae, allowing Sartanis to perform great feats unthinkable for a normal Krovaedian; a weapon and birthright worthy of an emperor. It cannot be treated lightly, however, for the Eokhrys is sentient and will abandon its wielder if they are no longer worthy; if this becomes the case, that individual's claim to the title of Is'hadrim is forfeit.
That's right, ladies, gents, and woodland creatures masquerading as people! After a period of long absence I have returned to le deviantArt! 

I will now issue a blanket apology to everyone I've lost contact with; no, I didn't die, I don't hate you, and I haven't forgotten you. The fact of the matter is that a perfect storm of broken computers, family issues, work, school, and all sorts of equally bad things prevented me from being able to speak with you all. I realize I've probably been dropped kicked from several RP groups in the process, but no matter; it'll all come out in the wash.

BUT I'M BACK BABY! :iconyeahplz:


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